Bilingual Stipend Program

Seaside School District recognizes the value bilingual employees add to our community. Speakers of other world languages mirror the home language and cultural values of a third of our students. Bilingual staff use their other language(s) to support students, families and coworkers by either interpreting conversations or translating documents during their regular work day. To compensate bilingual staff, Seaside School District offers a $1000.00 stipend, paid in June, to staff who score at a Level 6 or higher on the STAMP 4s Test of Language Proficiency.  STAMP 4S is an online assessment of basic reading, writing, speaking and listening.  Seaside School District will offer a test session at the end of September and the end of October. Bilingual staff who join the district after the test window closes are eligible for the stipend the following school year. 

Additionally, some staff assist in interpreting during family events like fall registration, parent teacher conferences, or when called upon by an administrator.  Interpreting for staff and families is critical for clear communication between the district and families. Staff who are asked to interpret or translate outside of their regular work hours, and who score a minimum Level 7 Proficiency on the STAMP Test, will be paid a Translation Rate of $30.00 /hour. 

If you are interested in a bilingual stipend or translator rate of compensation please complete this Stipend Form