Information for our Coaches:

Thank you for coaching with the Seaside School District! For many students athletics are an important component of the school experience. Your coaching contribution can make a lifelong impact on our students!

How to Become a Coach:
To coach with the Seaside School District, the first step is to apply for an open coaching position listed on our employment page. If you are a returning coach, you may not need to submit a new application - communicate your interest to continue coaching to the Athletic Director and they will let you know if an application is required.  The Athletic Director reviews applications and makes decisions about who to recommend for employment as a coach. After the Athletic Director makes a coaching recommendation, it must receive final approval from the Seaside School District Board of Directors. Once approved, the HR department will work to onboard the coach.

Compensation for Coaching:
Coaches have the option to be paid monthly, during the season; or in one lump sum at the end of the season. You will have the opportunity to select your preference when you receive a coaching contract. If you do not return the coaching contract to HR, with a selection made, the default is to be paid one lump sum at the end of the season. Below is a timeline of the steps that must be completed for a coach to be paid… 

Coaching Step by Step

Coaching salaries are defined by the Seaside Education Association (SEA) negotiated contract which can be found HERE.

Athletic Director: Aaron Tanabe, or 503.738.5586