Reforestation Process-Herbicides

The process of reforestation requires Weyerhaeuser to meet specific timelines because they are the organization that logged the property that was donated to the District.  Part of this reforestation process is to ensure that young trees have an enhanced opportunity to thrive after being planted in a newly logged area.  This means controlling competing vegetation which is most commonly done by the use of herbicides that are low in toxicity.  Because Weyerhaeuser has to meet specific timelines and weather is a critical component, they plan to spray approved herbicides this Saturday, September 23, 2017.  This is pending adequate weather and specific wind requirements.  The area should not be entered for 48 hours after application.  According to the Reforestation Guide: “Properly applied forest chemicals can help you achieve the desired benefits without putting water, soil, fish, wildlife, or human health at risk.”  This process is a regular part of reforestation and is common practice in our area.  This activity will not occur on the property directly adjacent to the Heights Elementary School, but rather on the 80 acres up the hillside that was donated by Weyerhaeuser.  

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