District Nurse

District Health Specialist:
Tobi Boyd, RN
Phone: (503)717-2033
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When Should you keep your child home from school:


PLEASE DO NOT SEND AN ILL CHILD TO SCHOOL.  There could be some serious health problems for your child and other students.  If your child is ill or his/her fever is higher than 103, you should contact your health care provider for advice.  If you need help in finding a health care provider-call our School Nurse at 717-2033.

Some students have medical conditions, which can become life threatening when exposed to:  measles, chicken pox/shingles, fifth’s disease, rubella and hepatitis. Should your child be diagnosed during the school year with any of these diseases please call the school where they attend immediately.

Image of Chart for keeping child at home

School Wellness Policies are required by the U.S. Department of Agriculture from school districts receiving federally-funded school meals. These School Wellness Policies set goals for school-based activities that promote healthy eating, daily physical activity, and other wellness behaviors. Individual schools must implement the district policy but can also go above and beyond the policy to improve student health.

Immunization Data

State Bill 895 and OAR 333-050-0010-0140 require school districts to report immunization statistics each Fall and Spring.  Immunization information is provided on the Seaside School District Website and in notices to the families of the Seaside School District.

If you have any questions about immunizations, please contact the Seaside School District Health Specialist, Tobi Boyd, at tboyd@seasidek12.org or 503-738-5591.